EcoFriendly Backyard Seminar Series continues on June 21, 2008

May 1, 2008

On June 21th 2008 The Pond Shop in Dallastown will be hosting Part 4 of the EcoFriendly Backyard Seminar Series by Mark Willoughby.

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Learn how to make your backyard a happier healthier place for you and your family!  Part 4 will be a hands on Seminar focusing on Pondless Waterfall construction designed to attract & support the native widlife 

 We will be building a Pondless Waterfall in just 1 day with your help!Here’s your chance to gain valuable hands on experience as our designers and project managers teach you how to Build A Pond in one day. This one of a kind, affordable, comprehensive training event is designed to give you the firsthand knowledge you need to get started. There’s nothing like getting right in there and trying it alongside the experts to learn the art of pond building. You’ll learn what’s involved and how easy it is to create a beautiful environment in your backyard!What You Will Accomplish:Perfect for the homeowner or contractor! We created this hands-on opportunity for you to join our experts as they show you how to transform an ordinary lawn into an aquatic work of art! You’ll actually build a beautiful naturalistic Pondless Waterfall complete with elegant water falls in less than ONE day. You’ll experience for yourself the tips, insights, and trade secrets that The Garden’s Edge has learned and used to become the area’s largest water garden builder. You’ll see how construction can be used to build any size pond (or Pondless Waterfall) - anywhere.You will leave with the knowledge and confidence to build your own pond in your own backyard perfectly the first time.

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