Cabo San Lucas Mexico … !!!

December 19, 2005

[All photos unless otherwise marked ©2005 Mark Willoughby]

A team of the best waterfall designers in the world have just returned from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Aside from the fact that we were in Cabo in December and it was snowing here on the east coast , the experience was incredible …


From witnessing the hatching of a bale of endangered Leatherback Turtles, (see blog entry from Dec. 15) … to sharing a sofa and soaking in the wisdom of business icon Jerry Nelson (co-founder of Ticket Master) …

nelson compound 101.jpg

We shared business success strategies with each other …


… and received professional and personal coaching from Nikki Nemorouf. Nikki helped us to dig deep within ourselves and “Become mentally prepared for Extraordinary Performance” … One of Nikki’s sites is The Gift Site. Check it out today to discover, adapt, and share knowledge in ways that touch, move, and inspire you and those you love …

Of course the week could not have been complete without building at least one waterfall …

nelson compound waterfall construction .JPG

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